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Chinese Character Bible is a tool for learning / teaching Chinese Characters
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It is said that Chinese is one of the most difficult languages to learn. It contains more than 6,000 characters. First of all, it is a tonal language, in which some syllables, called polyphonics, may have a different meaning depending on the tone you use. Also, its writing demands a lot of skill and practice. For all those reasons, a comprehensive program that help students to learn the language would always be welcomed. The Chinese Character Bible is such a program. It contains many interesting features, like a list of the 500 characters that appear in many of the most common words and sentences. Also, the program includes other lists with less common characters, making up all the 6,000-plus characteres that form the Chinese alphabet. All the characters include their correct pronunciation. But not only this: the program also includes tests and readings for you to practice your proficiency, and an interesting feature showing the different steps for drawing the Chinese characters properly. You can create your own list of words, as well as designing and printing flashcards for supporting your learning. The demo version has some limitations, but it allows you to get a good glimpse to the whole program.

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  • Demo version has some limitations
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