Chinese Character Bible

Chinese Character Bible 4.2

Memorizing Chinese characters is now much easier, more efficient and more fun

Learning Chinese is not as difficult as it sounds, only to master Chinese characters either patience OR a right tool is required.
If you learn Chinese, you need to learn Chinese Character. If you learn Chinese Character, you need to use Chinese Character Bible! This program can be used for any Chinese textbook.
Chinese Character Bible is like a teacher who writes Chinese characters in front of you and speaks them out loud.
The characters are drawn on the screen as if by a calligrapher's brush; the words are spoken by a famous Chinese national broadcast announcer. The animated calligraphy uses multi colours to show how each character is constructed.
The colours, the sounds, especially the animation in big size - and lots of other accompanying information mean that the characters are easily embedded in the memory. 12000 meaningful Chinese expressions are cited to the common Characters (GB-2312 I) for you to learn what and how Chinese are talking in the real life.
Every teacher and every student has a different approach to learning. Chinese Character Bible lets you choose from a variety of textbooks and character sets. Any Chinese books can be integrated into this software. You can follow a graded path or you can select your own list of characters and use the teaching tools in Chinese Character Bible to work your way through your choice.
Chinese Character Bible lets you test your progress in different ways, all of them stimulating - and always fun. It provides a lot of other intelligent features.
Chinese Character Bible is for the young and young at heart, for beginners and experts. Everyone can find suitable access either to start or to continue.
Download your copy and enter a whole new world.

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